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Our armoured cars, truck and security vehicles are continuously enhanced to increase the security level of your valuables and our staff. We are continuously seeking ways to further improve the quality, safety, and of our armoured vans.


Our vaults are built according to International specifications, fully electronic and have the following additional features:

•  Access Control via CCTV with 24hrs monitoring and recording
•  18" RCC including roof and floor
•  Pressure sensors and motion detectors — 16 numbers
•  24 hrs Armed protection
•  Emergency Back up unit with dedicated generator (Honda 2800)
•  Centralised monitoring systems with direct phoning capability
•  Fire & safety regulated

Uniform & Security Outfit

The company staff uniform has been designed to have their own unique identity along with security features. The armoured staff also have ISO 2000 regulated bullet proof vests that offer security level of up to 45 caliber bullets.


The vehicle which is used for transportation is equipped with GPS System and it is covered with a hidden camera (24hrs) also. We can proudly announce you that this facility is one of the newest one and no one ever try this before. With the help of this you can see the vehicle's movement itself.